Monday, January 25, 2016

Blogpost #4

I am so annoyed with Kentucky Basketball right now. We are ranked 20 in the AP poll!!!!! THAT IS SO ANNOYING!! We are so much better than that. However, I am thankful that we are moving up in the poll. Last week we were ranked 23rd, so we are getting better, but still. It's so very frustrating we aren't all that good because last year we were so good. North Carolina hasn't lost in the last twelve games they've played, and they're ranked 2? That's very weird because all the other top ten teams lost this week and they didn't, and they're still ranked number 2. I really thought they would be 1 overall. I mean I'm glad they aren't because I don't like UNC but still, they should technically be number one. Duke is ranked 24 though and that makes me very happy because I can't stand Puke haha :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blogpost #3

I am really upset with my team right now. We are ranked 23rd in the nation.... that is so embarrassing. We haven't been ranked that low in over three years. We did win last night though so we should move up in the rankings a little bit. North Carolina is kicking butt right now and I hate that because that's Han's team and we go head to head with our teams. Last year we smoked them and now they're awesome. I really hope we get better by March because the national championship is in 73 days and I plan on our team being there. Kansas and Oklahoma are pretty good right now too. We play Saturday so let's hope we win.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blogpost #2

Kentucky played tonight against Mississippi State. It wasn't a close game at all. We held the lead to at lease fifteen points most of the game. We're not as good as we were last year though so we kept losing the lead to about seven or eight points, and then it would get back up to around fifteen or sixteen. Our players just aren't as tough as they were last year. We are a really young team and they need to find their groove. Last year we lost one game all season and this year we have already lost three. It's kind of upsetting but it's so rare to have a team like last years team. I think that as it gets closer to March we will be better and prepared for the tournament. As long as Skal gets tougher and Briscoe can start making his shots/free throws. I am so excited for March Madness already!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blogpost #1

College basketball is my favorite sport to watch in the whole entire world. I watch it all the time and it doesn't matter what team it is, I'll still watch it. My favorite team is the Kentucky Wildcats. My family and I are HUGE fans. We watch every single game together. Our bathroom is decorated in Kentucky, half of my wardrobe is Kentucky and we went to the Final Four practices in Indianapolis last year. It was the best day ever. You could say we are die hard fans. It actually really bothers us when other people where Kentucky clothes and they aren't a fan and don't watch the games. Half the people that wear Kentucky clothes don't even know how to spell Kentucky. I just love watching basketball and in my opinion, College basketball is ten times better than the NBA.