Monday, February 22, 2016

Blogpost #8

Kentucky lost to Texas A and M on Saturday in the last four seconds of overtime. It was whack that we lost anyway and I'll tell you why. Issac Humphries (7ft tall forward) got the rebound with nine seconds left to go and he was also fouled. He was so excited that he slammed the ball down. Well, slamming the ball down is "un-sportsman like" and he got a technical foul called on him. He knew that he was in the wrong as soon as he did it, even though he didn't mean anything rude by it. He tried to change the refs mind but it didn't work. That was also his fifth foul because technical's count as personal fouls, so he fouled out. We were up by two at this point with nine seconds to go and if he wouldn't of fouled out, he would of made both his free throws for sure because he is a decent shooter. Instead, Skal had to come in and he missed on and made on so we're up still. A & M had two to shoot as well for the technical and made one and missed one. They also got the ball and the last four seconds they made a block shot off a rebound and they won. It was total jank because we should of won. I'm hoping we don't drop in the polls too much.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blogpost #7

College basketball has been nothing less than exciting lately. Kentucky has been hot lately. They're going on a win streak right now and that makes me super happy. They're ranked number nine right now and that's a lot better than last weeks ranking when they were twenty. UNC played Duke last night and they were up the whole entire game by at least eight, and then Duke went on a 14-5 run to end the game and they won by one point. It was 75-74. Duke and UNC are both my least favorite teams in the NCAA so really it was a lose lose situation for me. Hannah is a UNC fan so I was rooting for them to win for her, but they couldn't pull out the win. It was Michael Jordan's birthday (UNC Alumn) and multiple other alumni were there as well. They were also playing on their home turf so it was a real disappointment they lost.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Blogpost #6

Kentucky won this weekend against Florida so that's good. We still lost to Tennessee before that after we were up twenty-one points so that sucks. UNC lost to Notre Dame on the road though on college game day so that makes me happy. Notre Dame is a really hard road game though. Last year we played them in the Elite Eight and it came down to the very last couple of seconds and we only won by two points. It was super close and I was pooping my pants I was so nervous we were going to lose. Duke won this weekend which is stupid but whatever. Villanova is now ranked number one which is so weird because all of the top teams just keep on dropping. No one is staying number one for a long period of time besides at the beginning of the season when Michigan State was number one for a couple of weeks. Last year UK was number one the whole season. We didn't drop until the Final Four game when we lost to Wisconsin, then we dropped to three for the postseason. It's just crazy how many upsets can happen and the underdogs can when. That's what I love about college basketball, you can be up twenty-one points (cough cough Kentucky) and then lose by two. It's just crazy

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blogpost #5

Kentucky took a tough loss this weekend. We played Kansas on the road and it went in to overtime and we ended up losing by six points. Yes it sucks we lost, but we haven't been doing so hot lately and this shows that we can hang with the big dogs. This proves that we can be tournament ready by March. One thing I am excited about is Duke fell out of the AP top 25 and that's the first time that's happened in eight years and I hate Duke so that's always nice. UNC is ranked number one which kinda sucks cause I don't like them either but what're you gonna do. We moved up to #19 and that's improvement so I'm happy. I just hope we keep on movin up.