Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blogpost #9

Kentucky played Florida on Tuesday and they won! I was super happy because its the end of regular season and its moving into the SEC Tournament and we have to win to continue the streak. We are first in the SEC right now and I hope to keep it that way. March Madness starts in twelve days and I'm super pumped. I love filling out the bracket and seeing if I'm right. Last year I won the bracket in med term class and got a gift card to Taco Bell. I think it through hardcore and it takes me about an hour to fill it out. I hope Kentucky makes it to the ship but there are some real good teams out there. UNC, Kansas, Ohio State and some others might give us a run for our money. Two years ago we made it to the championship and lost and then last year we made it to the Final Four and lost. I really want to win it all this year, so fingers crossed. We're playing really good right now so I hope we keep it up.

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