Monday, April 4, 2016

Blogpost #13

I am super depressed because Kentucky basketball is over until next year. :( We lost in the second round game in Indiana. I was really disappointed because it's never fun when your season ends. A lot of our players are declaring for the NBA and that makes me sad. Also our senior, Alex Poythress, is done and that makes me really sad. When you're as big as a fan as I am, you feel like you're apart of the team every step of the way and you never want the season to end. I get so attached to the team and it crushes me when they lose. We have the number one recruiting class coming in and I am already excited next for next year. I went to Kentucky over spring break and bought some new gear and I'm ready for next season already. We are going to a boys game next year and I can't wait. I just wish they would of won it all this year but, oh whale.

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