Monday, March 21, 2016

Blogpost #11

I am so, so depressed. Kentucky lost to Indiana in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. I knew from the get go that it would be a tough game and a dog fight until the end, and that's exactly what it was. It was a close game all game but we just fell short. Indiana definitely played better than we did and they totally deserved to win, I just wish it would of ended up different. Tyler Ulis (best PG in all of College basketball and best PG in the history of UK) is leaving to enter the NBA Draft. Alex Poythress (Senior) is leaving and Jamal Murray (Freshman Guard) will also most likely be entering the NBA Draft. Jamal and Tyler were the best back court in college basketball this year and it's going to be really sad to see them leave. Tears were definitely shed and I am more than upset that their season is over, but on the bright side, UK has the number one recruiting class coming in next year and we do have some good players coming back as well. We are still the most winning-est program in all of college basketball and if I can get over last years loss in the Final Four (a perfect season on the line) and all seven of our star players leave for the draft, I can get over this loss. 214 days until Big Blue Madness and counting. I'm already ready for next season!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blogpost #10

I am so livid over March Madness. The committee is JANK. Kentucky beat Texas A & M for the SEC Championship and they are STILL ranked higher than us. There is no way they should be a three and we should be a four. Oregon is a number one and Michigan State isn't? We are in the toughest bracket there is. UNC, Indiana, WVU, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and UK? If we win our first round game, we will most likely be playing Indiana in a second round game. THAT IS MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be tough for any team to get past these teams. It is definitely going to be a wild March Madness. I really hope we do good and win it all, but if we don't I'm not going to be too upset. We have a really good recruiting class coming in next year and we aren't as amazing and having a perfect season like last years team so it won't be such a let down.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blogpost #9

Kentucky played Florida on Tuesday and they won! I was super happy because its the end of regular season and its moving into the SEC Tournament and we have to win to continue the streak. We are first in the SEC right now and I hope to keep it that way. March Madness starts in twelve days and I'm super pumped. I love filling out the bracket and seeing if I'm right. Last year I won the bracket in med term class and got a gift card to Taco Bell. I think it through hardcore and it takes me about an hour to fill it out. I hope Kentucky makes it to the ship but there are some real good teams out there. UNC, Kansas, Ohio State and some others might give us a run for our money. Two years ago we made it to the championship and lost and then last year we made it to the Final Four and lost. I really want to win it all this year, so fingers crossed. We're playing really good right now so I hope we keep it up.